Executive group or one-on-one intensive sessions to objectively assess the limiting beliefs blocking potential. Empower executives to get out of their way and realize they already have what they need to succeed. Open executives up to the success mindset of attraction, not assertion. Help executives identify what they want most and develop a strategy to flow to it. We guide you through objectively assessing the limiting beliefs blocking your limitless potential. Help executives realize they already have what they need to succeed. We open executives to the mindset of attraction and identify what they want most and develop a strategy to flow to it.


Research confirms that the most significant internal risk to global brands is the well-being, retention, and engagement of the workforce. Many corporations have implemented wellness programs and incentives to address this challenge. However, most wellness programs have not fully addressed the root cause and drivers that influence employee behavior, mindsets, attitudes, and perspectives.


The primary reasons for the lackluster results of many wellness programs are an over-emphasis on incentives that are performative and not long-lasting, a failure to provide a holistic and grounded well-being process, and a failure to clearly define the difference between wellness and well-being and offer a unique strategy for both.


Wellness focuses on physical health, for example, ergonomics, nutrition, and exercise programs.


Well-being is comprehensive and focuses on mindsets, attitudes, and belief systems.


For companies to see significant progress in the development of the workforce, leadership must focus on the well-being transformation within each team member to achieve the results within the overall culture of the organization. Leaders must develop and champion a holistic process for employees to embody well-being as an enduring part of their mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes in the workplace.


CL will work with your organization to develop well-being assessments, programs, strategies, and intensives that drive the enduring results that leaders seek. We employ organizational development, change management, and well-being methodologies to identify areas of improvement and drive new solutions.


As your strategic partners for Integrated Well-being strategy, CL will partner with leadership to:

  • Conduct diagnostic assessments of current wellness programs for effective well-being principles
  • Develop a well-being focused return-to-work policy for a hybrid model or fully virtual workforce
  • Develop well-being strategic recommendations, implementation plans, and thought leadership for growth initiatives
  • Produce and manage executive leadership well-being intensives, seminars, and off-sites for strategy immersion sessions
  • Analyze Employee Net Promotor Score and other metrics for improvement



Integrated Well-Being Subject Matter Expert

Over 20 years of marketing, event production, public relations, and community relations management. Also, 10+ years of consulting, teaching, and creating comprehensive tools focused on mindsets, attitudes, and belief systems. Authored 10+ best-selling books/journals on well-being, mindsets, and the development of healthy habits.


Org. Change Management Subject Matter Expert

Over 15 years in project management, organizational development and change management consulting. An MBA in International Management from the University of London. Awarded author of "Managing Global Brand Risk and Resilience in the Information Age." Additional expertise in corporate and experiential event management.