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Start anytime, use year after year - 365 thought-inspiring messages. Command your day with inspiration, guidance, wisdom, and courage. Yes―you can change your life by changing your beliefs. With Reminders for Life, you will transform your mindset to create positive life changes―one thought, one day, and one year at a time.




Our numerous journals and books have been sold in over 100 countries worldwide. They will inspire you to design the day you desire. We also have courses to help you improve your beliefs, values, and attitudes about yourself. What you think you create for your life.



We offer human-centered change methodologies and proven well-being principles to identify and leverage well-being successes and address and mitigate challenges for Executives. We help executives and entrepreneurs master their creative flow and potential.



Commanding Life Corporate (CCL) is your strategic partner for human-centered corporate well-being strategy and programming for an aligned and resilient workforce. CCL project phases include assessment and analysis, design and development, and delivery and monitoring.